Shubapantuvarāli / Miya Ki Todi

Śubhapantuvarāli also mentioned as Śivapantuvarāli in ancient texts, is the 45th Mela and hence has all seven notes in the ascending and descending scale.

An auspicious raga used during festivals in North India, Śubhapantuvarāli also evokes pathos ⁄ devotion and compassion.

This raga is believed to attract birds and animals. Śubhapantuvarāli is an ancient raga with great scope for elaboration with the swinging movement
between Madhyama, Gāndhāra and Riṣabha. The raga elevates one to a meditative mood.

It’s a very popular morning raag which belongs to Todi thāṭ. It evokes the devotion and the pensive state of meditation. Its jāti is ṣāḍav sampūrna.

Āroha : S r g M d N S
Avaroha : S N d P M g r S

Svaras used are Komal Re, Komal Ga, T2vr Ma, Komal Da and Tīvr Ni.

This raag conveys pathos and bhakti rasa. The use of Pañcam in avarohana gives a sense of solace and peace depicting the vibrance of bhakti rasa.