Sadja Svara

“Ṣathaneṣu jāyate iti” – Ṣaḍja is the primeval, primordial, primary sound represented by ‘Sa’ which is born in six positions assuming the nature of the other six notes R, G, M, P, D and N. That is because, as a monotone, it may be conceived as any note and all other notes exist just in relation to this basic note which is equivalent to the “Praṇava or oṃkāra”.

It is the first note to manifest from the firmament of ‘Nāda’ – ‘Sound’ which is pure, natural and unaltered.

Symbolism in the Painting

(Roll the mouse over the elements in the painting)

Shadja Svara

Jambu Dweepa

River : Ganga

Mountain : Meru

Ocean Lavana

Adi Devata : Agni

Chhandassu : Anushtup

Rashi : Kumbha (Aquarius)

Star : Shatabhisha

Day : Saturday

Tree : Kadamba

Streeyaru : Gandharva

Ruksha : Aamla vruksha

Bird : Nightingale

Gana : Rakshasa

Animal : Horse