Ramakali / Ramkali

Rämakali is a rare raga of rare beauty. Muthuswami Dikshitar’s composition Rama Rama Kah Kaāua Virama is a grand reference to this raga.

Derived from the 15th Mela Mãyãmãlavagoula, Rãmakali takes five notes in the ascending scale and seven notes in the descending scale and hence called audava sampurna raga. Ma and Ni are omitted in the ascending scale.

This raga also uses Prati Madhyama to bring out its characteristic personality traits. Rãmakali is a morning raga and depicts the romantic mood of the heroine who is pampered by the humble services of her hero.

This is a very beautiful and popular Raag of Bhairav that. This rag is sung with Bhairav ang which brings out the freshness and tenderness of the morning. The jatii of this rag is ãçlava sampUrna.

Aroha: SGmPdns

Avaroha: SNdp-MP-dndP-G-mrS

The svara-s used are Komal Re, Tīvr Ga, uddha Ma, and Tīvr Ni. The mood of the rag depicts the devotional element of divine love between the gopika and Krishna.

The sancharas M P d n d P G brings the subtle element of intimacy between the two.

Ramakali / Ramkali