Pañcama Svara

‘Pañca’ in Sanskrit is five. Pañcama is the fifth note in the seven-note octave. Staying exactly midway between the ‘Ādhāra’ and ‘Tāra Ṣaḍjas’ in terms of frequency, its consonant affinity for Ṣaḍja is acclaimed as the “Cycle” of fifths – Ṣaḍja – Pañcama bhāva. Like Ṣaḍja , it is a natural note firmly fixed in its position with no alternative.

According to convention, this sweet note is always considered as resembling the cooing of the cuckoo intoxicated by devouring the tender mango sprouts during the vernal season.

Symbolism in the Painting

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Panchama Svara

Ocean : Ikshu

Dvipa : Salmali

Mountain : Sahastri

River : Anumati

Chhandassu : Pankti

Adi devatha : Vishnu

Day : Wednesday

Star : Uttara

Rashi : Virgo

Vruksha : Pomegranate

Sthreeyaru : Naga

Tree : Banyan

Gana : Manushya

Bird : Vulture

Animal : Cow