Lalitha / Lalat

Lalita is a graceful raga, synonymous with serenity and sobriety. A derivative of the 15th Mela Māyāmālavagoula, Lalita takes six notes in the ascending and descending scale. The notes occurring are Ṣaḍja Śuddha Riṣabha, Antara Gāndhāra, Śuddha Madhyama, Śuddha Dhaivata and Kākali Niṣāda there is no Pañcama svara.

The notes ‘Ga’ ‘Da’ and ‘Ni’ are prominent and have a characteristic lilting movement.

This raga can also be employed to portray intimate and passionate moments of Nāyaka-Nāyika bhāva.

Lalit is a soothing morning rāg, belonging to Pūrvi thām. The jāti of this raag is ṣāḍāv – ṣāḍāv. This beautiful melody portrays the serenity of the early morning.

Āroha: N r G m – M m G – M d S

Avaroha: r N d – M d – M m G – r S

Svara-s used are Komal Re, Tīvr Ga, both Śuddh and Tīvr Ma, Komal Da and Tīvr Ni. Compositions in this raag describe the earnest plea of a devotee and a constant quest to become one with the almighty.