Kedara / Tilang

A purely classical and a bright raga, Kedāra creates an atmosphere of happiness and activity. An ancient raga with characteristic gamakas in the use of ‘Ma’ and ‘Ni’ exuding brightness, Kedāra has phrases usually in the medium to fast pace which dispels lethargy and brings liveliness in the mind of the listener. Derived from the 29th Mela Dhira Śaṇkarābharaṇa, Kedāra has five notes in ascent and six notes in descent. The notes occur in a zigzag pattern in the ascent. Hence it is called vakra audava ṣāḍāva raga.

This raga is believed to be associated with Lord Śiva. Śiva, who is the Ādi Guru (Dakṣināmūrti) gives knowledge to the world. This raga represents learning and knowledge.

Tilang is a very beautiful and cheerful raag. It exudes energy and it uplifts Tthe minds of the listener as the raag takes off in the Uttarang. It’s a pleasant night raag. Its jāti is Audav Audav.

Āroha: S G m P N S
Avaroha: S n P m G S

Svara-s used are TīvrGa, Suddh Ma, Pañcam and both Komal and TīvrNi.

This raag depicts the ecstasy of devotion and beautiful relationship of the Lord and devotee.