Hindola / Malakauns

A highly popular raga among artistes and connoisseurs alike. Hindola is handed down from centuries. It is an “audava rāga” with five svaras in both arohaṇa and avarohaṇa to the omission of ‘Ri’ and ‘Pa’.

Ri and Pa are omitted in the raga. Da and Ni are prominent notes, while Ma is the resting note. This can be elaborated in all three octaves using slow to fast-paced phrases. This is a soothing raga that is capable of creating an atmosphere of ‘Bhakti’ as well as ‘Śṛngara’. Thus, the raga with its enchanting movements, portrays in rich colours, a romantic set-up where the lovers are seated on a swing, lost in each other, enjoying the music and service offered by the maids. ‘Dolā’ in Sanskrit means ‘swing’.

Mālakosh also known as Mālakauns, is an old and popular raag, practised from many centuries, enjoying a very special place in the hearts of music lovers. Its jāti is audava audava. Belonging to Bhairavi thāṭ, it is sung late night.

Āvaroha: S n d m g S

Avaroha: S n d m g S

Svara-s used are Komal svara-s of Hindustani music. The majestic movements of the raag convey joy and romance between beloveds.

Hindola / Malakauns