Dhaivata Svara

The sixth note Dhaivata is twin-faced in its komal and tīvr or ‘Śuddha’ and ‘Catuśśruti’ forms. Sounds sonorous when held straight in its own position and mellifluous with its leanings towards its closest natural note, pañcama.

Rag Bhairav takes this komal Dhaivat to give itself a distinct colour. The ‘Catuśśruti Dhaivata’ of the Karnatak style is the other variety which is more pronounced, bold and aggressive as an independent note but is pliant and accommodative when in association with ‘Niṣāda’. Rāga Haimavati celebrates this note.

Symbolism in the Painting

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Dhaivata Svara

Ocean : Kshira

Dvipa : Sveta

Mountain : Manasa

River : Nishpapa

Chhandas : Ushnik

Star : Purvashadha

Adi Devatha : Surya

Day : Thurday

Rashi : Sagittarus

Vruksha : Drakshilatha

Sthreeyaru : Deva

Tree : Nichula

Gana : Manushya

Bird : Crow

Animal : Monkey