Amruthavarshini / Malashree

A vibrant raga derived from the 66th Mela Citrāmbari, Amṛtavarṣini evokes joy and happiness. It has five notes in the ascending and descending scale. Ri and Dha are omitted in the raga, making for the beauty of this raga. Ga and Ni play a prominent role in bringing out the elegance of the raga. This raga shines well in phrases both medium and fast. It lends itself to creative combinations and patterns.

It reminds the listener of dark clouds and lightning-producing showers, with joyous and rhythmic patterns of raindrops. The raga calls for rains where the peacocks prepare themselves by preening their feathers, ready to dance to the rhythm of the rumbling clouds.

Mālāshrī belongs to Kalyāṇ thāṭ is an audav audav jāti raag. It is a very pleasing raag which is close to Amṛtavarṣini of Karnatak music.

This raag is not popular in Hindustani music despite being a beautiful melody.

Āroha: S G M P N S

Avaroha: S N P M G S

Svara-s used are Śuddha Ga, Tīvr Ma, Pañcam and Śuddh Ni. This is a difficult raag and takes years and immense practice to master it.