Abheri / Bhimpalas

A captivating popular raga Abheri is derived from 22nd Mela Kharaharapriya. Taking 5 notes in the ascending scale and 7 notes in the descending scale, this raga is classified as Audava Sampūrna. ‘Ri’ and ‘Da’ are omitted in the ascent. The notes blend beautifully to bring out the exuberance of the raga.

The raga is popular in folk and film music too. The enchanting Abheri elicits moods of both Bhakti and Śṛngara bringing before us.

Here the Nāyika lost in thoughts of her beloved, oblivious to her surroundings and services offered by her maids.

Bhīmpalās is a very beautiful rag which is a combination of two rags Bhīm and Palās. This lovely melody brings out the essence and colours of beautiful romance. Belonging to Kafi thâm the jāti is Audav Sampūrna. This is sung in the afternoon.

Āroha: n s g m P n S
Avaroha: S n D P m g R S

Svaras used are TīvrRe, Komal Ga, Suddh Ma, Thvr Da, and Komal Ni. Many beautiful compositions have been tuned in this rag and have become very popular in Nātya Sangīt and other lighter forms of classical music.