Vasantha / Lalat

Vasantha means spring, a time when nature exhibits fresh blooms, bringing hope and rejuvenation all around. This rāga is vibrant and brings the mind close to nature. The fresh fragrance in the forest, the rippling water in the spring, the magnificent mountains with beautiful green valleys, the chirping of birds and grazing animals – evoke rāga Vasantha.

It is an ancient rāga which is derived from the 17th Mela Sūryakanta. It takes five notes in the ascending scale and six notes in the descending scale. Pañcama is omitted in the raga. This raga comprises characteristic phrases. This raga is used to express playfulness and enjoyment. Earlier this raga was classified under the 15th Mela, Mayamalavagoula raga with the use of Śuddha Dhaivata.

Lalat is a very beautiful and popular raag. A serene introspective Lmelody, raag Lalat belongs to “Marva thāṭ”; is a ṣāḍāv jāti. It is sung in the morning.

Composers have also explored the essence of the raag and have come up with the lyrics to depict the introspective nature of the raag.